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"You must be mad if you think going out tonight is a good idea."  
One arm through the sleeve of his jacket, Casimiro paused in the act of pulling it on, raising an eyebrow unconcernedly even as he turned to face his friend. "I'm hungry. Isn't that reason enough for a bit of a walk?"  
"There's plenty to eat here already," Finas replied, indicating the refrigerator with a sweep of his hand, but Cas would have none of that, not tonight when he wanted something fresh and hot rather than lukewarm and stale and tainted faintly with the flavor of the bag it had been sitting in for a week.  
"I'm not in the mood for reheating anything, especially not plastic-flavored crap," he said flatly, hoping that was the end of it. "If you don't want to join me tonight, that's fine, but I'm going out."  
"Alright." The older man chuckled faintly, barely more than a quick rumbling of laughter, and pulled a blood-red packet from the refrigerator anyways. "I'l
:iconkitchengirl:kitchengirl 52 66
little bit harmful
Some of his books, he's noticed, have gone missing. He can't actually prove that Worth's taken them- he's never seen the man pocket one, or spotted one on the grubby desk of his office or anything- but hell, it's not like he really needs proof to blame him anyway. But trying to fight with him to get them back seems like a lost cause, so fuck it, he figures, and heads to the bookstore.
The Barnes & Noble in the mall isn't huge, but it's got all of what he's after and it's good enough to wander around in for a bit, at least. He's actually enjoying himself, right up until he turns a corner in the fiction shelves and nearly bumps into Worth.
They both pause, staring at each other; Worth doesn't exactly look startled, or sheepish, but sort of both of those at once mixed together with the usual smugness, condescension, and grime. His own mouth, he's pretty sure, is hanging open (seriously, Worth in a book shop?) but he can't even be self-conscious enough right now to car
:iconspookmouse:SpookMouse 62 100
progress of production
The building looks so dilapidated that he fears, at first, that it's been abandoned; he checks the card twice to be certain he has the correct address. Only a light flickering in an upstairs window confirms that there's anyone in residence at all. And there's no guarantee it isn't just a vagrant.
He's no less dubious once he actually reaches the door to room 306 (the numbers are falling off, not a particularly good sign) but he's come this far, and at least there's enough noise within to indicate someone's there. So he knocks.
There's a crash from inside the flat, followed by a thump, a muffled curse, and someone calling "Um- just a moment!" He waits patiently; a moment later there's a rather loud bang and a few curls of black smoke blow out from under the door. Hm.
More smoke clouds out when the door opens, momentarily obscuring the figure of the small, soot-streaked man before him. "Er, sorry about that," he says, attempting to wave the smoke away but only succeeding in
:iconspookmouse:SpookMouse 16 31
A Prelude to Prosperity
I came to know him through a business arrangement. I was still quite young them, my father dead and leaving his son to pick up the pieces. In all, I inherited a small county estate, a mid-sized library, and a failing trade business between my homeland of Great Britain and France. I attended a more than awkward dinner party about a month in the funeral's wake, after which I wanted nothing more than to shut all the blinds and doors and stay inside for the rest of my days. Yet, time went on, and I eventually allowed myself out in public again, struggling to keep my father's old ships afloat.
I was contemplating how I was going to afford docking expenses again when the first strange letter came across my desk. It detailed an extensive proposal for sponsorship by a man named Jude Langston. I recognized the name immediately; the Langston Company was amazingly well-known for its ships-- almost as well-known as Mr. Langstons's reputation for being self-isolated. Yet, the man somehow had k
:iconronithebear:RonitheBear 15 24
Leech of Happiness by Larutanrepus Leech of Happiness :iconlarutanrepus:Larutanrepus 250 177 Little Red Marks by Delkaetre
Mature content
Little Red Marks :icondelkaetre:Delkaetre 15 17
Time to Love - Ples vs WBC by Naranda Time to Love - Ples vs WBC :iconnaranda:Naranda 353 222 Tilt by geggidy Tilt :icongeggidy:geggidy 140 24 If I Doodledumped by vert-is-ninja If I Doodledumped :iconvert-is-ninja:vert-is-ninja 1,291 337


I am obsessed with tragic backstories and I always have been, so like, my absolute favorite episode of the podcast is just a slideshow of what terrible things happened to these boys
I do what I want
I started watching South Park for the first time last month and unfortunately I kind of like... cartman...

my favorite episodes are the crossdressing episodes and my favorite crossdressing episodes are the ones with Cartman because I love watching him dig the hole in deeper with his whole gender/sexuality thing. Anyways the day cartman comes out is probably the same day that gays take over the world because this kid won't just take his lumps and settle for being part of a minority
I went to see the Jungle Book and I spent the entirety of the Kaa scene (not a huge fan of scarjo for that role, an unrelated aside) thinking about my faves. I had to google the Disney Kaa, and it's for the best that I did because I was sure there was pink in his color scheme but I was wrong. I was so wrong.

The hair patterns are me kind of fucking around with coloring styles but I can't commit to doing a whole drawing in such a stylized way lmao

anyways That Handsome Devil has the best version of "Trust in Me" hands down


Non' yo biznass
United States
The teardrop is because I once killed a man, so I am told apparently. With words.

Tumblr (very active) :

Current Residence: Santa Carla
Favourite genre of music:
Wallpaper of choice: Disederata
Favourite cartoon character: Jack Spicer
  • Listening to: Blackbird -the Beatles
  • Reading: Single Mormon\'s Regional Halloween Dance
  • Eating: my nails
  • Drinking: tea
it's been three fucking years and I still can't figure out how to change the fiddly personal details but I swear I have not been reading "single mormons regional halloween dance" since I started at FSU

actually i just sold that book at a garage sale. i hope it makes some strange little person happy.

 anyhow i'm alive and if you want to say hi or check up on me my tumblr is

i miss a lot of you but i'm absolute shit at starting up conversations, it's an anxiety thing

and i'm trying to start drawing again on the regular so

IF YOU WANT TO DO AN ART TRADE HIT ME UP i literally do not care if you haven't talked to me since 2010 or even ever before i will be so pleased to hear from you


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Conrad: What!? NO! Listen to--
His name is Veser Hatch. His name is Veser Hatch. His name is Veser Hatch. His name is Veser Hatch. . .
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