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crows by CoconutMilkyway crows :iconcoconutmilkyway:CoconutMilkyway 519 55
ST - Cadet with Dubious Morals
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Ratings: PG-13
Genres: AU/AR, romance, humour
A general warning for the whole story is that English is not my first language, so there will be typos and grammar errors. I apologize. Also, I don't own Star Trek, nor do I make any profit off of this. It's all for fun and creativity.
A/N: This...was for the lulz. It's a bit OOC and not very believable, but I had fun writing it.
(How Spock met Jim) Cadet with Dubious Morals
Spock stared at his PADD for an additional 1.2 minutes before surveying the occupants of the public shuttle a second time. Illogical, since upon his first thorough observation he had not encountered anything suspicious, but he had been unable to curb the initial reaction of startled confounded curiosity.
There, on his 2.3 months old PADD, on which he had been pursuing the latest science articles published in his preferred prescribed j
:iconsurrenderdammit:surrenderdammit 52 41
03. aggressive. go - ca
It is a general fact accepted among the police stations of Britain that the streets, on particular nights – such as Tuesdays – and at particular times – eight to two a.m. – are very dangerous to be on. Universal patrol cars could be implemented, an entire breed of sleepless policemen developed, their only purpose in life to write out tickets and march the roads like many schools of ants with high-powered weapons, and the roads would still be dangerous to play on.
There was something about the dark that brought out the worst in everything that resided in the middle ground.
Rats scuttled in the dark; spiders spun their rainbow webs; humans prowled and preyed on humans. The darkness hid it all, and left it for the horrified light to find – the body of a murdered woman, face down in a puddle of glass and needle-thin grass, the ripped-apart body of an alley-cat feasted on by a crow, and multitudinous webs that danced with dewdrops and sun-beams. Yes. What generation
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I am obsessed with tragic backstories and I always have been, so like, my absolute favorite episode of the podcast is just a slideshow of what terrible things happened to these boys
I do what I want
I started watching South Park for the first time last month and unfortunately I kind of like... cartman...

my favorite episodes are the crossdressing episodes and my favorite crossdressing episodes are the ones with Cartman because I love watching him dig the hole in deeper with his whole gender/sexuality thing. Anyways the day cartman comes out is probably the same day that gays take over the world because this kid won't just take his lumps and settle for being part of a minority


Non' yo biznass
United States
The teardrop is because I once killed a man, so I am told apparently. With words.

Tumblr (very active) :

Current Residence: Santa Carla
Favourite genre of music:
Wallpaper of choice: Disederata
Favourite cartoon character: Jack Spicer
  • Listening to: Blackbird -the Beatles
  • Reading: Single Mormon\'s Regional Halloween Dance
  • Eating: my nails
  • Drinking: tea
it's been three fucking years and I still can't figure out how to change the fiddly personal details but I swear I have not been reading "single mormons regional halloween dance" since I started at FSU

actually i just sold that book at a garage sale. i hope it makes some strange little person happy.

 anyhow i'm alive and if you want to say hi or check up on me my tumblr is

i miss a lot of you but i'm absolute shit at starting up conversations, it's an anxiety thing

and i'm trying to start drawing again on the regular so

IF YOU WANT TO DO AN ART TRADE HIT ME UP i literally do not care if you haven't talked to me since 2010 or even ever before i will be so pleased to hear from you


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Conrad: What!? NO! Listen to--
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