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Waitress in a Cocktail Bar by DesdemonaKakalose
Waitress in a Cocktail Bar
on the ship mix for the eyeball and the skeleton some joker thought it would be funny to put "Don't You Want Me" and I lost all my brain functions for a day while I thought about this potential backstory.

Wander over Yonder has infinite ships but this one is my favorite because I love the angry screaming eyeball man

this is very silly and also I drew it in MSpaint. My scanner broke months ago and I've been too lazy to fix it so... this was the easiest thing to do.…
loyalty by DesdemonaKakalose
I'm betting you that the other pearls on homeworld got a lot of uncomfortable scrutiny after our Pearl defected to the rebellion. Anyways, this ship is my aesthetic. 

Dripping Gold by DesdemonaKakalose
Dripping Gold
I liked the 2014 movie alright but when it comes to shipping I'm actually die hard for the fifties version. In a modern day AU (a human AU, I guess?) I feel like Maleficent could be anything from a headmistress (there's an excellent fic if you want recommendations) to a mafia boss to a terrifying librarian and I'm not sure which version I like best.

I used a palette from the blog pictureperfectpalettes.tumblr.… with a little modification. I'm trying to get back into using sai but my tablet pen is fucked up lately so... I'm coloring with my laptop's trackpad and my fingers. For now.

my tumblr is sauntervaguelydown, please come talk to me about Maleficent/Aurora headcanons
Fusions by DesdemonaKakalose
so I got into Yu Yu Hakusho a while back, and Steven Universe is... ubiquitous now. I fucked around on MSPaint and did some fusion doodles. Left is Hiei and Kuwabara, who i think would be a monstrous but powerful fusion. Right is Hiei and Yusuke, who I think would be surprisingly stable! Dangerous and scary, for sure, but quite compatible.

Left is my fave tho, because 1. monster fusions and 2. opposites attract. People who know me are unsurprised to hear that I ship Hiei/Kuwabara.

They don't have names because these aren't gems, it's more like, mm, AU where demons can fuse the same way gems fuse. It's rare because you have to love the person you're fusing with in some respect, and demons aren't super touchy feely. I guess their names would be their portmanteau ship names? Hiebara and... uh... Yusuhiei? Shoot I have no idea. 
Anyone would be by DesdemonaKakalose
Anyone would be
"I think you're insane! But I guess I am too... Anyone would be if they were stuck on earth with you!"

so how about that Zim redemption arc, eh? Somebody write me a fic.


Non' yo biznass
United States
The teardrop is because I once killed a man, so I am told apparently. With words.

Tumblr (very active) :

Current Residence: Santa Carla
Favourite genre of music:
Wallpaper of choice: Disederata
Favourite cartoon character: Jack Spicer
  • Listening to: Blackbird -the Beatles
  • Reading: Single Mormon\'s Regional Halloween Dance
  • Eating: my nails
  • Drinking: tea
it's been three fucking years and I still can't figure out how to change the fiddly personal details but I swear I have not been reading "single mormons regional halloween dance" since I started at FSU

actually i just sold that book at a garage sale. i hope it makes some strange little person happy.

 anyhow i'm alive and if you want to say hi or check up on me my tumblr is

i miss a lot of you but i'm absolute shit at starting up conversations, it's an anxiety thing

and i'm trying to start drawing again on the regular so

IF YOU WANT TO DO AN ART TRADE HIT ME UP i literally do not care if you haven't talked to me since 2010 or even ever before i will be so pleased to hear from you

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Conrad: What!? NO! Listen to--
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